Probation Violations

Probation violations occur when a probationer doesn’t comply with the regulations of their probation. Probation is sometimes given as an alternative to jail time, or as a suspension of a jail sentence. During the probationary period, the judge allows the convicted individual to live in the community while following specific terms and conditions. The individuals on probation are also subject to examination and monitoring by an assigned probation officer. At times, individuals on probation overlook the reality that, even though they are not incarcerated, they remain under similar constraints as those accompanying a jail term. Some common terms and conditions of probation are:

If an individual does not adhere to their probationary terms and conditions, the consequence varies dependent on the history of violations as well as the severity of the violation. The officer can petition the court to issue a warrant for the individual’s arrest. The judge can also impose the original jail sentence that was suspended if the probation violation is severe.

Common Louisiana Probation Violations:

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